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A new wave of fashion-forward clothing is giving new meaning to
the phrase "body-conscious." 

It's made with new fabrics that sense and respond to physical changes
in the body. A line of athletic apparel displays slogans like "I Am the Competition"
when the wearer breaks out into a sweat.
"The whole point is to demonstrate how hard you are working out," says
Ben Wood, ViewSPORT's chief executive. The company, which declined
to reveal the chemical workings, citing a pending patent application..
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  September 20th 2011
Hella Wella Ideas and Deals for Healthy Living

HellaWella is dedicated to bringing you the latest ideas and deals for healthy living. 

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August 17th 2010
Time Magazine - Top 5 Coolest High-Tech Clothes

What do you buy the workout fiend who has everything? We bet they don't have a shirt that offers inspirational messages when they sweat. ViewSPORT offers a line of men's and women's apparel with hidden messages like "I am the competition." 

Your sport-obsessed friend can now be awkwardly sweaty, yet intimidating to any potential challengers. 

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  October 1st 2010
New sportswear gives incentive to work out harder

Head Coach Wood was just referenced in The Binghamton University Newsletter

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September 19th 2010
ViewSPORT Demonstrates Sweat-Activated Technology

If you are looking for motivation to work out, Pittsford's ViewSPORT has just the answer.

Hard work pays off with some new sporting apparel and you have to see it to believe it.

"I've heard people say, 'This is the most innovative product I've seen in athletic apparel in a long time. I love the shirt. I cannot wait to workout in the shirt.'"

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  September 18th 2010
Sports Illustrated - Vault

Archived videos and articles. 

Multiple videos covering ViewSport. 

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August 18th 2010
Rochester Homepage.Net

A locally made t-shirt is gaining popularity. When soaked with sweat, words appear on the shirt. Sweating has always been cool to Dave Gross. 

"It's never been gross to me," Gross said (no pun intended.) "I've been sweating since doing pushups at the age of five." 

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  August 18th 2010
JOE.IE - Five Futuristic Fashions

Pumping iron at the local gymnasium? Why go through all that effort if you've got nothing to show for it, besides an enviable, highly-toned physique? Obviously, what you need is your own t-shirt that provides perspiration-induced secret messages the sweatier you get - so the harder you work out, the more noticeable the image. 

Soon, you'll be the talk of the gym (for better or worse) with your 'magic' t-shirt, though we can't help but feel ViewSPORT have perhaps missed a trick by not letting customers customise their own messages. 

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August 18th 2010
YardBarker - Gear Review

ViewSPORT is a new company focused on training smarter by using sweat activated technology. Their t-shirts “show your work” because as you sweat through the shirt, hidden text and a logo emerge, letting you (and everyone near you) know just how hard you’re working.

The more you sweat, the more the image comes through.

  August 16th 2010
Tennis Identity - I AM...THE COMPETITION

New in "smart" fabrics, ViewSPORT's sweat activated technology makes hidden messages appear in athletically inclined fabric. Sweat hard, and the message that appears tells it like it is. 

My favorite, I AM, and after a set in the heat, THE COMPETITION. The harder you sweat, the stronger the image. ... 

August 16th 2010
ilaxSTUDIO - How Much Do You Sweat

I was reading this WSJ article about new clothing design technologies, and I had to laugh when I got to the part about ViewSport athletic wear (they make clothes for men and women). They advertise that “when you workout, the ViewSPORT sweat activated technology reveals a design which is only apparent when your sweat comes in contact with the fabric.”

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  August 11th 2010
Fairport Grad in Wall Street Journal 13 WHAM.COM

Pittsford, N.Y. - When you think Rochester, you think Kodak, Xerox, Wegmans, and maybe someday in the near future -ViewSPORT. At least that's what CEO Ben Wood is hoping. 

He likes inventing things, and says, "this, I think could be really revolutionary in sports apparel." 

He invented "sweat activated technology," featured on ViewSPORT's t-shirts.


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